Hi there! I'm Danny Dang.

Danny Dang
I ‘m Danny Dang, technophile, entrepreneur and distribution geek for Coast Hotels. If you have a project that needs untangling then that’s where I come in!

I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, easy to understand concepts. I lead by cultivating an intent based environments and encourage my teams to do extraordinary things. With a strong customer service background and a unique blend of technical know-how. No problem or project stands in my way.

I was born in Creston, and now call Vancouver home. I try to take advantage of everything that BC has to offer. You’re likely to find me exploring local attractions, eating my way through Vancouver and its surrounding suburbs, or taking a drive along the coast.  Travel is my greatest passion, so I try to visit new places as often as I can. My camera rarely leaves my side. When I’m not tackling the next problem or testing out the next app, you’ll find me in lost in another world with my headphones or on an ice rink representing the Fighting Squirrels!


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